Visual Communication Quarterly
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Volume 16, 2009

Julian Kilker. (2009). "Digital Dirt and the Entropic Artifact: Exploring Damage in Visual Media." p. 32-49.
Kevin McCarty. (2009). "Punks." p. 117-122.
Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. (2009). from "Eisbergfreistadt: The Fictive and the Sublime." p. 210-241.

Volume 15, 2008

Paul Martin Lester. (2008). "Commentary." p. 3-5.
xtine burrough. (2008). "Paradise Obscura." p. 76-84.
Jalene Grove. (2008). "Listening Eyes." p. 108-114.

Katy Grannan. (2008). "Another Woman Who Died in Her Sleep." p. 202-209
Larry Burriss and Kathleen Burriss. (2008). "Gender Differences Related to Co-Orientation Discrepancy in NASA Space Photography." p. 258-265.

Volume 14, 2007

Dennis Chamberlin. (2007). "Screen Culture." Visual Communication Quarterly, 14, p. 34-41.
Stephanie Schneider. (2007). "10525."
Visual Communication Quarterly, 14, p. 42-47.
Chris Jordan. (2007). "In Katrina's Wake." Visual Communication Quarterly, 14, p. 128-133.
Zak Smith. (2007). "Girls in the Naked Girls Business." Visual Communication Quarterly, 14, p. 191-196.
Paul Martin Lester. (2007). "Commentary." Visual Communication Quarterly, 14, p. 140-143.